My ist just knocked on my door…

One of my projects at the moment is a manifesto which, we have to write and design a poster for. We each had to pick an “ist” profession and an “ism” movement out of a hat. We were given time to research both of these and now have to create a manifesto based on both of them. I got Evangelist and Fauvism.

You can imagine how excited I was today when two Morman evangelists knocked on my door! Both of the boy’s (Etan and Nicholas) were about my age, one was from Utah, America and the other from England. They were very well dressed, well-mannered and lovely to talk to.

(Please note they are not the same boy’s in the photo! They are for illustrative purpose!)

They asked about my faith straight away but even knowing I was a catholic were still keen to talk to me about their faith. I really admired them for this, they didn’t push anything, we both just exchanged our views and the similarities with our religions. I told them about my project and they gave me a booklet and card for my sketchbook. To be honest, I was far too excited that my ist had just knocked on my door, but i did try to ask them some relevant questions for my research. They told me a bit about their missionary work and how they were getting on with it. Once they had left I quickly ran in and wrote down everything on the first piece of paper I could find!

The thing that’s getting to me now is this: these boy’s were my age. They are planning on devoting two years of their lives to this; knocking on people’s doors, telling them about their faith. A faith with beliefs that Mr Joe Average would most probably find absurd in our world today. Yet they are out there, in all weathers, facing all kinds of people and dangers because…? They want to help them.

This is where my recent lectures come in and I have to I suppose (haha) thank my lecturer who reminded us of the importance of having EMPATHY for our project/client. This is a practice I have never really had the chance to incorporate into my design work before. But:

I Jennifer, pledge to implement the practice of having empathy in every project I do wherever possible.

> Because right now I want nothing more than to figure out a way of designing something that will help the two people that just knocked on my door.


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