Model Pig

For our social history project, my friend Rebecca and I have decided to close in on Firefighting. The brief involves producing a hand-made model which, we will use images of, to make a poster that will advertise the Museum of Fire in Edinburgh.

We decided to make our model a sort of ode, you could say, to the the use of a particular 1920’s piece of equipment called a “Chimney Pig”. It was used to clear chimney vents to create a passage so that water could extinguish the fire.

We decided that an actual pig, sitting on top of a chimney would create a rather amusing, arresting image. One of the main aims of the brief is to generate interest in museums which it states are often considered boring. We think that our idea (even if slightly entropic?) will create intrigue, even if it just makes someone double take! The key to rounding off our bizarre image will be the strap-line. (Which needs some work)

Making the Model…

The recycling centre was our first port of call and we purchased some old work-tops, a bin and some plastic cake trays (the thing that divides your packaged cakes) (note: they were unused ones!).

We glued the trays upside down onto the work-top to look like tiles then used paper machè and paint to complete the look…

Our first terra-cotta attempt did not create the look we were after so we smothered it in grey poster paint. The simple, one block colour matched the style of the pig much better.

We made the pig (now fondly known as George) from balloons and thick card then used masking tape and several layers of paper machè to strengthen him.

The fire backdrop was made from glueing layers of tissue paper onto a plastic sleeve. Once dry the whole thing just peeled off the sleeve.

Tomorrow we are working on the Chimney and finishing touches. I have just raided my mum’s button box for George’s eyes. I am still waiting on the day when she finally gets sick of me stealing all of her ancient paraphernalia for my projects!



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