I had a lecture today from Hazel White who studied Jewellery here at Duncan of Jordanstone and now teaches on the masters program.

One of the first points she made to us was about recognizing where we come from, what our point of view is and how we relate to the rest of the world. The rest of her lecture explained her various research projects and she shared some of the thing’s she had learnt with us. It was her answer to someones question though that really got me thinking. It was about objects and meaning, specifically that a necklace has more sentimental meaning to someone that a VCR. She then commented that a mobile phone for example, for us might mean we can trade over the internet, do our banking etc. For someone in Africa however it means they can trade it.

This point tied in quite nicely with her point at the start about recognizing our place in the world. This is something I would like to think about a bit more – get a bit of perspective about my place and what things mean to me.


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