Intro to Journals

I decided that today I should properly visit the place in the DJCAD library where the Journals live. (Apposed to going over, picking up creative review and oohing over the lovely work inside)

I decided to read an article from: The International Journal of Art and Design Education (2010) vol.29 no.3

I looked at: Why a Child Needs A Critical Eye and Why the Art Classroom is Central in Developing It (pp.236-243)

From the abstract I can see that the article argues the case for visual critiquing and visual literacy to be delivered as an active process in the classroom apposed to just simply interpreting visual material (reading/theory).

*Jennifer reads full article*

The article was not as easy to read as a magazine would be  – I think it would take a few goes for me to fully grasp all the points. It talks about a change in the way art ‘culture’ is taught in schools:

“School, and in particular art education, has a responsibility to educate students about culture, to expose them to it’s nature and award them with critical, analytical tools to negotiate it”

I like how this statement is backed up with an argument for getting students to actually produce their own visual responses. Learn by doing!

The article is supported by three video experiments and the diverse responses from teachers and students. It was discovered that teachers, who did not have prior experience of producing cultural work, found it difficult to initiate effective projects.

I agree with the argument that students should be taught about how to make sense of propaganda tactics. They can gain an understanding of how ‘truths’ are constructed globally across different cultures. This will allow them to see that aesthetics can be central to someone’s perception of information. I think that this could work well if they were given their own topic or piece of news and allowed to present it using different media and different tones. This would give them an understanding of how art (and indeed they) can manipulate messages.

This initial reading has given me a general understanding of the article. I can appreciate that it is calling for a change in the curriculum, which steers towards equipping students with a ‘critical eye’. I would be inclined to say that anything that equips students to discern the world they live in is surely a positive thing.


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