Design is all about idea’s right…except everyone has different idea’s. Just like everyone has different opinions. I have noticed a connection between three of my recent lectures, which I shall try  to quickly sum up:

Lecture from Mike Press: THINK BIG! Take example from people like Josiah Wedgwood.

(He wanted to sell more pots so he teamed up with the Duke of Bridgewater and James Brindley – so he could build the Trent and Mersey Canal – so he could ship Cornish clay to his Etruria factory – so he could then ship back the finished pots and sell them in lot’s of new places)

Lecture from Hamid van Koten: Craft and Forms of Capital. Industrialisation and Globalisation has devalued crafts.

(With pottery for example, the designers now ‘create’ the design, the potters make it and the shops sell it. This has turned the potter into a manual labourer. This has destroyed the connection the potter had with designing and making his pot. He will no longer have the social experience of bartering with customers and establishing trade relationships.)

Lecture from Hazel White: Make things | Make Sense: Use your skills to design for a purpose – (see this post). I also picked up on her talking about recognising our place in the world and how the values of something changes across the world.

So…what’s my opinion (do I think) That Josiah Wedgwood devalued pottery?


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