Keeping Up To Date

I have drawn up my top ten websites that I use for keeping up to date with the happenings of the world and the design world.

For example, I really like the BBC website because as well as splitting up Scotland, England etc it also separates the main topics: Health, Education etc. The majority of the topics are serious issues but some odd one’s do creep in sometimes which, can be funny. This division of news is what I also like about the Guardians website. It also has a more detailed Culture section that further separates into divisions such as stage and film. To get to these though you have to go through the main news homepage which is where I often end up on a tangent with an interesting story that’s caught my eye.

My favorite site has to be Design Week however with it’s countless sections and endless articles. The scrolling page is split up with menu’s such as the Disciplines one that let’s you navigate straight to your area of interest. It provides news on everything from who’s working on what Job to finance to success stories. It has a Job section which features in every page and allows you to view regularly updated positions in the industry. This does not interest me directly as a student but it is good to get a feel for what kind of employment is out there at the moment. Unlike the Drum, Design weeks website is just as good as the magazine.


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