Pre Lecture Thoughts…

My lecture tomorrow morning (the last one before the holidays) (yippe!) is, very fittingly, about Christmas shopping.

This made me think about Christmas presents.

The set of bunk-beds my papa made for my dolls is most definitely up there with my favorite Christmas presents. They were painted blue (my favorite colour at that age) with illustrations of teddy bears on the side. He even made a mini set of ladders! Once I was older he also made me a sledge which secured my place in nearly every single sledge race I ever competed in. One present I cannot leave out was my Little Tikes kitchen because I can vividly remember lining up all of my toys along the living room and making them dinner. I also fed plastic sausages to all the relatives and neighbors who visited that Christmas too. Of the three I would say the kitchen was probably my favorite gift purely because it sparks off the most memories for me.

Fast forward about fifteen years and I can see from the Early Learning Centre and Argos catalogue that they don’t make kitchens like they use to… I also, unfortunately no longer have said kitchen. I still have the bunk-beds and sledge up in the loft however and probably always will.


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