I thought it would be really nice to see some different studio spaces so I sent out some emails to my college friends.

(I went to Glasgow Metropolitan College before I came to Duncan of Jordanstone so I have lots of friends from there who went onto other art schools and universities)

My friend Andrew is at Edinburgh College of Art, here’s his desk and the lovely view of the city he has from his studio.

He has been working on a collaborative project with some third and fourth years for an exhibition. I also answered some of his research questions on facebook chat the other day for a project he is doing on memories!

Andrew has an online portfolio site at –

He is also the creator of design collective, Pretty Rough which we both, along with our friend Dan, contribute to.


My friend Callum is studying at Glasgow School of Art and sent me some brilliant pictures of his HUGE studio space (complete with living room area!)

Callums class has a huge range of students from all over the world including Switzerland , Norway, Sweden and Lithuania! He had already started screen-printing on the first week of his course!

Callum has an online portfolio site at –


Here is a picture of my desk (I am of course at Duncan Of Jordanstone College of Art and Design) and a quick video of my studio. I also included a picture of the view from my desk which looks onto the first year studios. On the top floor there is a life-sized painting of a girl who watches over us… (I couldn’t zoom in on her with my phone but I will one day venture up to get a proper picture of her)

On my lovely big desk my Lithography prints are drying – they are part of a booklet for a current project I am doing. (We have to create a manifesto by linking an art movement and an unusual profession). You can see the printing and woodwork workshops, which are opposite my studio. They are packed with brilliant technicians who help us create our models and prints. I made a wooden box for my introduction to the wood workshop and am hoping to get a project where I can use it again! I also want to try my hand at etching and screen-printing next semester!

As you can see my laptop and research notes are also out because I am currently researching the influence of groups in relation to design. I am currently reading a Journal article which focuses on the training of foster parents and whether individual training was more effective than group training. I am actually really enjoying this research as I am learning how to properly investigate subjects that I am interested in.

Beside my laptop is George, the paper mache’ pig that Rebecca and I made for our museum project!

(the video of my studio is taking a while to come through on my email so I will post it up as soon as it sends)


The rest of my friends from college have their online portfolio sites on the Glasgow 912 page which showcases the portfolios of each years HND graduates. (it’s called ‘912’ because that was the classroom number for the second years) (just incase you were wondering…)


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