Dundee Writes – Off To Print!

I have been working with two lovely girls from the creative writing course here at Dundee over the past couple of months. It all started with a call for submissions for the front cover of their magazine – they chose mine! They did however ask if I could, in the same style, do something which illustrated the city of Dundee more. So I spent the weekend drawing my interpretation of an ariel view of Dundee.

The girls came back to me and asked if I could do some illustrations for the inside of the magazine and indeed possibly design it…After lots and lots of emails and editing (and help from Tara Wainwright from the universities own design/print/marketing team) it’s finally finished. It’s being sent to print as I write this post – how exciting!! My first official print job! 600 copies!

Here are some pictures of the original drawing through to the final design of the pages…


3 thoughts on “Dundee Writes – Off To Print!”

  1. Hiya, just stumbled on your blog from Jonathan Baldwin’s twitter. Had a nosey and love this illustration of Dundee, so gorgeous.

    I’m a final year just now on your course and fellow metropolitan graphics student too, hope your enjoying studying at DoJ!

    1. Hi! Thank you, I’ve yet to see it printed, can’t wait :) I am really enjoying it, so glad I came here!

      Nice to hear from a fellow Met goer as well, they’ve merged now, I think it’s City of Glasgow College now!

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