10 Things You Need To Know About Losing Weight

I normally hate it when you turn your dvd off for a second while you go make tea and then come back to find that your mum has gotten interested in a program that was on the tv and you have to sit and watch it before returning to literally the last ten minutes of your film… BUT this program last night was actually really interesting, it talked about the ‘science’ of losing weight.

I also noticed the perfect timing that BBC had chosen to air this program – right after New Year when everyone is vowing to loose the Christmas pounds. However it was on rather late, 10:35pm… Considering the fact that it’s actually a really insightful, not to heavy ‘tips’ guide to loosing weight, I think they actually did themselves a disservice by not showing it an earlier, more ‘viewable’ time.

I cannot work out how to insert a BBC video so here is the link to iplayer (I will try to figure out how to do this):

BBC iPlayer: Ten Things You Need To Know About Loosing Weight



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