The Bear Family And Me

This wonderful three part series was featured on BBC 1 at 9pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I caught a brief part of part one when I noticed my dad watching it. By episode three my whole family were hooked!

It’s a brilliant insight into family life for American Black Bears and the work that the biologists do to research them. The team have a large number of bears in the Minnesota forest ‘tagged’ with radio collars. Two of the bears, Lilly and Vivienne they particularly hone in on and you become really attached too! I like it when they do this, I can still remember all the names and stories of the lions, cheetah and leopard on Big Cat Diaries which was on years ago (sad I know). Gordon Buchanan is a really captivating, intuitive host and shows just how involved he is when he brings his own family to visit the bears.

(Also, by the end of episode two you are lead to believe that Lilly has deserted her cub and gone off with her fancy man but don’t let it put you off, keep watching)

(Again I need to work out how to properly imbed BBC videos, sorry)

BBC iPlaye: The Bear Family And Me


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