We Need To Talk About Kevin

This is very quick but I have just found out that the movie of Lionel Shrivers ‘We Need To Talk About Kevin’ will most probably be out some time this year! Yippe! I have been waiting over 4 years for this!! It’s still listed as ‘post production’ though for the time being so no date has been forecast yet. I seriously recommend reading the book, it’s not the most joyous novel but it is utterly brilliant and the twist at the end is worth every page that comes before it.

I am of course scared that the movie will not live up to the book but even if it makes people go back and read the book it will be worth it. Better yet, read the book before it from Waterstones.

Oh and the cast are:

Eva – Tilda Swinton

Franklin – John C Reilly

Kevin – Ezra Miller

I think the casting for Eva and Kevin is perfect however I remain skeptical about John C Reilly. He’s nothing like what he looks like in my head! haha!


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