Homemade Pinhole Cameras

One of my latest projects this semester is to make a pinhole camera and develop the shots myself in the lovely ‘dungeonous’ darkrooms of DJCAD. Here are some shots of me making the cameras (one started life as my breakfast cereal box and the other was the shoe box for my walking boots)

I painted the inside black and let it dry overnight, this combined with cardboard and gaffer tape will hopefully keep all UNWANTED LIGHT OUT!! (the photographic paper which goes inside cannot be exposed to any other light apart from the light let in when taking the picture)

It’s this little metal thing here (made by for us by the jewellery department) that will be kept covered with insulation tape until I am ready to take my picture. Once I’ve taken my picture I will quickly cover it up again! I only had one of these so I cut up a coke can and stuck a pin in it – equally as good apparently!

Taadaa! The finished pinhole cameras. I will load them with the photographic paper in a darkroom on Monday.

Whilst I was doing some sketchbook research on David Octavius Hill I found out that he had a particular interest in railways. I suddenly remembered the Robert Louis Stevenson poem about being on a train!! I love when you get a brainwave like this, Stevenson was of course Scottish so it’s perfect on two levels! Our postcards have to ideally feature Scotland and can also include complimentary text (something I really wanted to do). I am going to focus on Scottish railways, particularly the Tay Rail Bridge. I might also branch out and feature other elements of the poems narrative such a ‘river’ and even a ‘child’.


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