Bingo Caller











I just came upstairs to a missed call on my phone, phoned it back and who was it but Mecca Bingo! (I knew I should have put down a wrong number on my form!) The girl was very friendly – just wanted to know how I had enjoyed my first experience of Bingo!

In particular she asked if my friends and I had went to the bar in and what we thought about it. I told her that we hadn’t because it appeared really empty and we had been too busy concentrating on learning how to play. Apparently the bar gets a lot busier later at night, especially weekends. She suggested that my friends and I could even start off there before we go on a night out…

She also double checked that I had received my free pass to come back. Not only that, she gave me a tip about using it so that I could save a little bit of money. Apparently I can bring along a friend and get a discount for them, they can then do the same for me the next time. Of course this ensures I visit for not only a second time, but a third…

Of course these tips were aimed at getting me back in and spending money. But this kind of personal call is a good example of good service. From my form she knew my age so was able to aim bingo at me. Perhaps had I been older she may have told me more about the daytime games with tea and biscuits?

I think this type of one off phone call is a good idea, it makes a huge organization like Mecca seem bit more personal. Chatting to a customer on the phone is much more likely to gleam insights than a stuffy interview or questionnaire. The caller can gauge how to aim Bingo to the customer and can tackle any issues they had first hand. Having experienced this first hand, it is something I will bear in mind for the future.



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