Making Connections

Networking platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn have made connecting with people easier that ever. I have been learning recently about the importance of online networking and how it is often the key to success. Lauren Currie told us at a recent lecture that getting noticed by the right people in the business lets them see you have something interesting to say. You can easily connect with people you find inspiring and see what they have to say as well. Here are some people I would like to try to connect with:

Lyn Cunningham and Duncan MacDonald gave a presentation at Glasgow Metropolitan College a couple of years ago when I studied there. They are the creative directors of Make, a graphic design consultancy in Glasgow. I would really like to keep up to date with their work and possibly even do some work experience with them over the summer, if they’ll have me.

Mike Sullivan is the creative director of Mister, a Glasgow based multidisciplinary creative agency. My friend Andrew Bell sent me a link to his agency’s website where their attention to detail is paramount. I really like his views on collaboration and working with small groups of creatives. I would like to find out more about ‘typetoken’ a mysterious project he is currently working on.

Isabelle Ting is a bookbinder, printmaker and visual artist. I stumbled across her online Owl and Lion boutique a couple of months ago. One of my lectures last year talked about “Craft and forms of Capital” and reminded me how we should be supporting crafts. Bookbinding is one particular craft I am very passionate about and Isabelle is a practitioner  I would really like to connect with.

Damian Thompson is a writer for The Daily Telegraph as well as the editor in-chief of The Catholic Herald. I think that Catholic publications are extremely important as they strengthen the foundations of faith by providing information and hope. I have read a few articles on his blog recently and would like to see what he has to say about Catholic Education. The ethos Catholic Schools have is a wonderful part of growing up for so many children – I would love one day to be able to support this.

Gemma Gosuico works in the social media field and is studying digital communications in North Texas. She specializes in Web 2.0, which she says is basically the way we interact online: commenting on pages, reviewing, linking and disliking etc. Her goal is to teach Web 2.0 theory and practice at university level. I already subscribe to her blog but I would like to  see if I can connect with her through other platforms. She often talks about things that are relevant to me as well as publishing some great tutorials.


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