To Do List

This blog received a much needed makeover at the start of the year but I still think there are some thing’s I could do to it. I am therefore creating this official To Do List which, I will work on during my summer holidays. I would like it to be completed by the time I start third year (at least) so it’s all sorted up for my new assignments.

  • Tags

I actually have a tag cloud widget (on the right, under RSS) (Yes I know it’s empty) which I added because, well, I thought it sounded nice… It didn’t work the way I thought it would and i’ve kept it there to remind me to work out how it works. SO I am going to work out how it actually works, implement it on all new posts and update all my old posts.

  • Delicious

On much the same note, I also have a Delicious Account which I am going to firstly learn how to use. I would then like to link it up to my blog and share all my internet haunts as well as any new thing’s I am interested in. I have over twenty bookmarks folders never-mind the countless bookmarked links they contain. Hopefully Delicious will help me store them better!

  • Mismatched

I would like to update my website so that it ties in with my blog more. So, for example, I will change the hover links to pink and perhaps the current link to turquoise (the colours I use on this blog and on Twitter). I would also like to create a page/homepage that allows people to see all the platforms I have and connect with me on them. This will make my blog seem less separate from my website.

  • WordPress Website

I have visited a lot of WordPress forums and plug-in sites recently and have became aware of how many things you can do with a blog. In fact some sites are unrecognizable as blogs. I would like to create a WordPress website for someone else to see things I can do with it. This will be a little summer project to work on and would be nice to add to my portfolio.

  • Tips

My ‘Tips Page’ idea hasn’t quite became the success I wanted – I’ve updated it about three times… I think it’s because the comments boxes do not have the same formatting available as blog posts do. So I am going to get rid of the page and instead create a new ‘Tips’ category, or ‘pigeonhole’ as I like to call them. This will encourage me to post more tips – as it will just be the same as an ordinary post – but will allow someone to view them separately – by category.

  • SEO and Titles

I managed to do Search Engine Optimization for my website so I would like to learn how to do it for my blog. SEO basically involves editing the HTML code of a website to make it more ‘googleable’ i.e make it appear more in search engines. I have looked into this a little bit and I believe you can also change the URL link of your posts to be more descriptive. My friend Mark from college showed me how to do this in Flickr so that my name came up in the URL:
– I hope it’s just as simple for WordPress!


7 thoughts on “To Do List”

  1. I found your blog looking for moustaches with google image search. I love the typestaches! Just saw this and thought I’d mention that I had to move from Delicious to Google Bookmarks because Yahoo is ending Delicious. I don’t like it as much, but it’ll be around for a while and there’s an automatic import process.

    1. That’s good to know about Delicious, I will make up a Google Bookmarks account instead – thank you for the very much appreciated advice! I would have wasted all that time setting up my Delicious account! Yes, the typestaches are lovely aren’t they! one of the first bits of inspiration I posted on this blog :)

  2. Delicious has been sold, should still be around for a while!
    Take a look at Squarespace as well for web design – quite a powerful platform you can design and then hand off to clients. I run my personal site on it but I haven’t had time to really play.

  3. Thanks for that, I will have a look at Squarespace – designing a website for someone at the moment so that could be really good actually. Brilliant.

  4. I can tick off the fifth item today which was my Tips Page.

    I have created a Tips category and already have three posts. The two iTunes posts I changed from comments (which were on the Tips page) to proper posts with images, links and tutorial type step-by-step guides. I also made sure the titles were relative to what someone would type into a search engine.

    The new category has already encouraged me to do some blog posts on things I discover and I already have something else I want to do a ‘Tip’s’ post on.

  5. I can tick off my very first item today as I have worked out how to tag my posts properly! I can see now on my ‘tag cloud’ that the more I use a tag the bigger the writing gets. For example, my ‘Colour Coded’ tag is really big because I have did eight posts which require that tag. I have also started to go through some of my old posts and add tags to them. This is quite a big job so I am going to do a few each day and do it properly.

    I cannot believe how easy it is do to and I have been avoiding it all this time in favour of categories. In fact I like the aesthetic of my cloud so much that I have moved it up to third place on my widgets!

  6. I can also tick off my fourth item as I have created a website for my youth group using WordPress. I created demo videos using Jing which allowed me to film my screen and record my voice. This let me demonstrate to my friends how to set up and manage their accounts as well as how to post etc. It was great to be forced into learning how to create videos of my laptop screen. I would now feel competent enough to make some for this blog to further expand my ‘Tips’ posts.

    We decided to keep the site private so I will not feature it in my portfolio. However I hope it will be a great asset to our group allowing us to keep connected between meetings.

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