Little Snapper

I just downloaded Little Snapper, a mac application which lets you capture screenshots of entire webpages. Goodbye “Command key iconShift icon4″ dragbox screenshots, hello pixel perfect, full screen “websnap” shots!

LittleSnapper was built to help designers and other creative-minded Mac users build up a design scrapbook. Whether it’s proofs of client work, live sites that interest you, or screenshots of your favourite Mac applications, LittleSnapper allows you to capture, organise, annotate and share them all – from one beautiful OS X application.

Little Snapper automatically categorizes all your snaps for you as well as storing the web address. It then allows you to edit these details, add tags or categorize them further with things like star ratings to create ‘Smart Collections’. It also lets you edit the websnaps, so you can crop areas, add shapes and even text!

As a graphic designer the uses for this app are endless. For example; I am currently designing a website for a client and this app will allow me to show the website design to him in a much more sophisticated way. The editing tools will allow me to communicate with him directly on the image – rather than having notes and questions in a separate email. The library will also allow me to store and refer back to images of the site being built.

I have started doing this already because the intuitive nature of it’s design meant I knew how to work it in about five minutes. (This video is helpful though) The interface is delightfully simple making the entire app a joy to use. It is quite possibly the most elegant, useful application I have ever downloaded.

I seriously recommend it.


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