Make Your Email More Professional

I recently received an e-mail (and twitter follow) from CannotbeFound, a brand new collective of designers – for designers, who want to give some exposure to “the little guys”. The idea is brilliant and was inspired by London based collective Not In who say:

We just do it to provide a showcase for creatives and their work that you might not see elsewhere.

I think it’s great that CannotbeFound have brought this idea to Scotland and I hope it becomes a great success. The e-mail was invitation to contribute to the blog myself and I noticed that they had attached an Address Book contact card.

This is the first time I have seen (noticed) this and I thought it was a really smart little thing to do. Your email contacts can simply add the card to their address book and hey presto!

  • It saves them the bother of making up a card for you (which they might not otherwise have done)
  • It allows you to make it more comprehensive (you can add your logo or a photo as well as website address)
  • It will help them remember you in the future
  • It makes e-mailing you in the future a lot easier (they just type in your name and address book syncs to mac mail)
Here is the one that I made up:
If you have a mac and would like to know how do it yourself just follow these steps:
  1. Open up ‘Address Book’
  2. File > New Card (⌘N)
  3. Type in your name/company name and your contact details
  4. Tick ‘company’ if appropriate (this will switch your name around, making your business name the heading)
  5. OPTIONAL: Click the bolder text with the arrows then click ‘custom’ to make your own field (i.e website address)
  6. Double click on the greyed out silhouette to insert a profile image
  7. Click choose to select an image on your computer OR click on the camera to take one if you have a webcam
  8. Hit esc to come out of edit mode and save your card
  9. Find your card in the ‘Names’ panel or search for it on Address book
  10. Left click on it and click “ExportvCard…”
  11. Choose a place to save it to and click save
  12. Yey! thats you done
  13. Now, next time you write an e-mail to someone new just send it as an attachment.


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