Advertising and Branding Module: #1st Post!

I chose to do the ‘Advertising and Branding’ module this year, for semester one. The main reason for my choice was that I wanted to be more conscious about the entire ‘brand’ of an organisation. I think it will be valuable for me to know about things like a brands image; it’s voice; it’s values and ethics; it’s history/future; it’s strategies; it’s place in the market/world. (I am sure there are plenty more things involved, many of which I would probably never even consider!)

Knowing more about these things will give me some awareness that will help me as a graphic designer when I come to work on projects involving organisations. It will hopefully enable me to better understand the design approach I should take.

I also hope to gain an insight into advertising, it sounds (and looks) interesting but is something I have not had too much experience with.

The first lecture I had on Wednesday was really fascinating and reinforced my decision to do the module. I have added a new ‘advertising and branding’ category so you can check it out to see how I get on with this module and what I am discovering!

I found this on Google - I wonder if it's true?

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