Good Branding > Funny Signs

I was at a farm shop one day over the summer for lunch; I really liked how they had branded the entire the shop in a fun way, by taking the farm aspect to excess. So much so that it even continues to the toilets as you can see below! I remember I took these photo’s just because I thought the signs were funny. They are actually relevant to my current advertising and branding module however.

They how the little details can contribute to your overall personality. Whilst the farmshop that was very serious about fresh, free-range produce they were not serious and dull about their communication of it – they were playful and astute. It was clear they were professional but they could have a fun too.

The photograph below was taken in Bowness when I was down at the Lake Distritct. I remember thinking how it had a much nicer tone that the usual “NO FOOD OR DRINK”.

You can almost imagine the disaster in your head – it’s visual. You feel sorry for them because something bad actually happened – it’s a precaution that’s based on experience (not just a speculative one). The “please, please” sounds like they are begging you, but in an exaggerated way where it sounds childish; making it amusing. This sign gives the shop a “voice” which speaks to the customer before they have even came inside. It’s a nice voice speaking a serious message but in a good attitude. I think it’s a small but good example of branding.

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