Smash Ads?

I drew out some idea’s for possible ad campaigns for Smash following my research workshop last week. Somehow they sounded better in my head, however here goes:

This first one portrays it as a ‘stand-bye’ that is good to have in emergencies. In fact it saves the day (dinner) Grandpa:

In the end though it becomes something that the little girl would want to eat normally (not just for emergencies). It’s also kind of re-branding it as “special potato’s” which is something that could be developed.

I like the idea of bringing back the smash robots but having them engage with people. I like the thought of them being helpful creatures to parallel with Smash being a helpful product. She is shopping for healthy fruit and veg with lots of wholesome food in her basket. The robot approaches her and their dialogue (from her side) is a little bit awkward, she looks around, wondering if this is happening. The robot is very wide-eyed and talkative (almost mavenish) however so she talks to him:

She takes the Smash from him, pleased to have found out that it’s a healthier alternative to her buttery mash.


One thought on “Smash Ads?”

  1. Quite like the first one (but where’s “3”??)
    You’ve gone for the “hidden away in the cupboard” thing that worked really well for eggs a few years ago (“what’s in the fridge? Just cheese, a leek and some eggs…”) but also tackled the whole “I’m embarrassed to use Smash” thing.
    That would work with the woman in the supermarket… she gets home, finds she’s out of potatoes but is making shepherd’s pie. So she guiltily reaches for the old packet of Smash.
    (Maxwell House or Gold Blend or someone did this years ago with the ads where people make the sounds of coffee machines while really making instant coffee)
    The trick is the “pay off” – the strap line or voice over. What could it be?

    The robot one doesn’t do it for me – it’s a bit Kerry Katona. I’d keep it middle class and social embarrassment. Maybe a friend who’s coming round for a dinner party tarts giving her a recipe for the “perfect” mash and she drifts off, then just gets the Smash out and her friend says “I see you used my recipe!”

    Another suggestion: use a storyboard format for things like this – you can download them off the web or make your own. Image in the box, script underneath.

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