Eventually He’ll Get The Message Campaign

Campaign Objective:
Encourage young adult men to visit their GPs by targeting woman.

We carried out desk and reactive research which revealed that men would visit their GP if they had a health problem over the NHS online and telephone services. The problem is they would wait until their problem gets really serious before they would go. Of the woman in their life the majority of men would be most likely to ask their wife for health advice. Of the younger males we surveyed, the majority would ask their mother.

Specific Target Audience:
Wives and girlfriends of young adult men

Light-hearted with embarrassment humour. Underlying message is to get men to go to the doctors early before their symptoms get worse.

“Eventually he’ll get the message”

Print mock medical appointment cards with the strap-line and campaign web links on the back. The back also has ‘Do it for me, x’ written on it. Distribute these in places frequented by our target audience such as retail outlets, salons, cafes, gyms and indeed doctors surgeries. Advertise the card in magazines read by woman as well such as Good Housekeeping, Prima etc.

The main idea is to familiarise woman our strap-line without knowing about the campaign. This will hopefully get them wondering what it’s all about and encourage them to check out the web links to find out.

Official Launch:
An internet advert will be posted on youtube. Here is a storyboard for the advert style film:

1. The man wakes up *coughing and spluttering*. He reaches over to turn off his alarm clock and ignores the note left by his wife which suggests he go to the doctor.

2. The man has just had a shower and the bathroom is all steamy. The word ‘DOCTOR’ has been written on the condensation on mirror cabinet by his wife. He ignores it and opens the cabinet to get his toothpaste.

3. The man is waiting at the bus stop to go to work. The bus pulls up with an advertisement on the side which reads ‘MAKE AN APPOINTMENT’. He doesn’t pay any attention to it, in fact it doesn’t even register with him.

4. The man gets off the bus and walks a few yards to his office. A giant rolling billboard says ‘CALL THEM NOW’ on one roll followed by the telephone number on the next. He somehow manages to miss it.

5. The man then arrives home, looking really tired and ill. He catches sight of himself in the bathroom mirror as he coughs. His breath causes the ‘DOCTOR’ message to re-appear. This time he sees it and takes action by getting his phone to make an appointment.

6. The last scene is a static shot of the mock medical cards with the strap-line ‘Eventually he’ll get the message’. Another static shot of the back of the card appears with the telephone number for NHS 24 and ‘Do it for me x’ written on the back.

The ‘do it for me, x’ becomes the woman’s signature throughout the campaign – her kind of invisible presence, encouraging her husband. It is amusing to see her gestures getting bigger and bigger but her husband still fails to notice them. It is important to show to the target audience that it was one of her smaller gestures that eventually did the trick. This will encourage them not to give up because ‘Eventually he’ll get the message’. The ‘do it for me, x’ is also a subtle hint at men to go to the doctors out of love for their wife if they won’t go for themselves…

Guerrilla Tactics:

  • Continue the distribution of the mock medical cards.
  • Acetate transfers on some mirrors in ladies public toilets. The strap-line will be see-through and the background will be frosted, making it look steamy. This will make it look as if it has been written in condensation.
  • Adverts on busses like the one in the advert with relevant contact details.
  • Set up buses as pop-up clinics which tour around the country, encouraging men to get checked out there and then. Reports on their forthcoming presence could be reported in daytime television shows such as  Daybreak and This Morning as well as the Local News.

Further Development

  • If the advert is successful on youtube and achieves viral status, launch them on television. They will be played during shows popular with woman of marital age such as morning television, soaps and drama’s.
  • Stills form the advert will be taken and put on billboards where woman of our target audience will see them. For example: near to schools, near to offices where they work and in shopping centres.

Reasons for success?

  • The advert relates to woman as it refers to the fact they have to keep going on about things to their husbands sometimes. It does it in an elaborate and humorous way however and doesn’t suggest nagging in an argumentative way.
  • It could be a conversation starter where woman share their stories/tactics about getting their husbands to the doctor. This could be encouraged by TV-spots, magazine articles and a Facebook page.
  • The campaign would be tested online first so it wouldn’t need a big advertising budget initially. This would allow desk research to be done into how many views it was getting. Reactive research could also be done to test the publics awareness of the campaign. This could then be compared with research done after it goes on television to see how effective the further development was, if it went ahead.

If you would like to read about the process and work that went into this campaign click here.

I worked on this campaign in a group with all of these lovely people:

Danielle Carnegie  Website      Interior & Environmental Design
Vivienne McGregor  Website      Textile Design
Elliot McIntosh  Website      Graphic Design
Nicola Prosser  Website      Illustration
Christina Davis  Website      Interior & Environmental Design
Lindsay McQuarrie  Website      Textile Design
Gina Ramsay  Website      Illustration
Fionnlagh Ballantine  Website      Graphic Design
Paula Grubb  Website      Interior & Environmental Design
John Russell  Website      Graphic Design
Anna Rzepczynski  Website      Textile Design
Louise Barrie  Website      Graphic Design
Vikki Kidd  Website      Interior & Environmental Design
John Siwek  Website      Graphic Design
Kirsty Strachan  Website      Textile Design
Veronika Belokona  Website      Textile Design
Fay McGlashan  Website      Jewellery & Metal Design
Elizabeth Murray  Website      Illustration

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