Stop Motion Test Video

One of my projects this year at DJCAD involves creating a ‘sting indent’ video for a television channel you have re-branded or made-up. I chose to do an add on for Dave in the same way that E4 has T4 – if you get me? I wanted the add on to be a ‘time for clever banter’ where Dave could present history and factual information – but do it in a light-hearted, amusing way. I have decided to call it Yore which I think sums up the tone of the segment as by definition yore means: mock-nostalgic recollection. Here is a quick snap of the idea in my sketchbook:

(Sorry it's a bit messy)

You may remember the friends episode where Rachel buys an apothecary table? She tells Phoebe “it’s from the days of yore” when it’s actually from pottery barn. Here is a clip:

Anyway. I wanted to create an indent that would be in the same odd style as the ones Dave uses but be different at the same time. I thought people might not understand the segment at first so wanted something that would visualise the ‘going back’. One of my first ideas was old things attacking new things. For example some soldiers on horseback shooting arrows which all land on a car.

I moved on to think about new things turning into old things however as I felt I could play more with it and make it seem really weird and funny (to fit in with the context of Dave).

I made a really quick test movie of my idea to get a feel for it so you can have a nosy:

I would of course like the soundtrack to be more medieval than the Kooks for my final video. Making the test video was a really good thing for me to do though. I have never made a stop-motion video myself before although I am familiar with the technique. There were a few things I know I will do differently when I come to do my final video.

On the subject of stop-motion I came across this brilliant video on youtube and I had to share it!


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