Listerine Zero Advert – Simply Illustrating

I really do not have an awful lot to say about this advert, other than the fact that I think it’s really, really good. It’s simple, gets the point across – with not a lot of fuss and has a slight quirkiness about it. The screen splitting between to opposites, represented by two woman keeps the momentum going – and your attention.

I had a lot of bother finding the advert on the internet and it would not embed but if you click here you can watch it.

Neither woman’s taste is criticised and they put across that we all just have different tastes – without implying that one is better or more acceptable than the other. The product is kept until the end and whilst it is a bit of a surprise that they are talking about mouthwash you understand that it is perfectly related to the advert.

I bought Listerine a few years ago and whilst I did like it, I found it too strong. On seeing this advert, I immediately thought I am going to try that. It’s a long time since I did that – seen an advert for something and decided there and then that I would buy it. This demonstrates that sometimes simple, effective communication in advertising can still do the trick.


One thought on “Listerine Zero Advert – Simply Illustrating”

  1. This is a great product but lacks the overall cleaning power that most Listerine products have. they are trying to mask this in most of their ads which makes sense as everyone is scared of gingivitis these days. I found a great Listerine coupon for it though so i will give it a whirl.

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